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MRPC Law represents individuals and companies in general litigation matters in Barrie, North Bay, London, Newmarket, Toronto and throughout Ontario. Our litigation team has represented companies and individuals at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada, mediations, arbitrations, and inquests.

We deal with many litigation matters, including long-term disability, real estate litigation, defamation, personal and business disputes, injuries resulting from product use, injuries sustained in long-term care, and more. 

If there is something you need assistance with that you do not see outlined on our website, please give us a call to find out how we can help. 

“Call a lawyer!” Your last resort, or your first?

Veteran construction litigator Jay Ralston believes legal advice at the start can eliminate court battles later

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Non-Competition Agreement

A Non-Competition Agreement, is a restrictive covenant which places a restriction on individuals and organizations from providing services or engaging...

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Latent Defects

What happens when you purchase a house or condominium that has latent defects

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Product Liability

Consumers rely on hundreds of products each day…food products, health products, vehicles, electronic products, products for the home, leisure products, and

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