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Electrical Injuries – Electrocuted

I have been electrocuted, Can I Get Compensation?

Have you been electrocuted? Electrical burns and high voltage ‘zaps’ from being electrocuted can result in serious, and sometimes catastrophic, personal injuries. If you are the victim of a non-work-related electrical injury, call Murray Ralston Lawyers to find out if you have the right to compensation for your injuries.

Electrical injuries resulting from being electrocuted can occur in many ways. Some of the sources of electrical injury we have seen include:

  • Faulty appliances
  • Direct and indirect contact with high voltage uninsulated municipal power lines running through unmaintained municipal foliage and trees
  • Improper household wiring
  • Commercial products with faulty wiring and circuits

Direct contact with electricity can cause serious injury. Injuries can include burns, loss of limbs, organ damage, and death.

However, it doesn’t take just direct contact with the electricity for injury to occur. Catastrophic injuries may also come from being thrown as a result of being electrocuted. Falling from ladders while touching tree branches with unmarked and uninsulated electrical lines can cause serious injury, including broken bones, paralysis, or maybe even death. Similarly, falling down stairs when a vacuum shorts may cause injuries greater than the electrical injury itself, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and most noteworthy,death. And, the damage and injury is obvious when caused by fires arising from improper household wiring.

Consumers rely on products being safe. It is the legal obligation of all manufacturers to ensure the products that you use are safe. Residents of Ontario rely on the safe transmission of electricity by their electrical companies and towns. Municipalities and manufacturers may be responsible to compensate you should you suffer an injury due to their negligence.

* The information above is not intended to be legal advice. Each situation is different and the information provided above may not provide you with all law applicable to your facts. To ensure you are properly protected under the law applicable to your facts, please contact Murray Ralston Law for a free consultation.