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Labour & Delivery Medical Negligence

The birth of your child should be a heart-warming and joyous occasion. However, medical errors during labour and delivery can occur leaving your family heartbroken and scrambling for financial assistance.

Improper use of forceps, umbilical cord prolapse, and meconium aspiration are just a few of the unfortunate events that can occur during labour and delivery, which can leave your baby struggling with brain injuries or bodily injuries.

In recent years, the use of forceps in the delivery of babies has decreased. There is a documented risk of fetal morbidity and mortality with forceps deliveries which has led to an increase in cesarean sections over the use of forceps. However, the choice usually depends upon the training, experience, and preference of the physician.

Statistics indicate that forceps procedures are involved in one out of three malpractice cases involving fetal injury in the United States.

Most medical negligence involving forceps arises from the negligent use of forceps as opposed to a failure to use them.

How Can Murray Ralston Lawyers Help?

Raising a child disabled from a birth injury can cause an extreme financial burden. Financial compensation can minimize the financial burden on the parents of a baby suffering from a birth injury. Financial compensation will ensure that there are financial resources for the extensive medical care your child will require for his / her injury and maximize the chances for the best possible outcome for your child. Murray Ralston Lawyers handles labour and delivery medical negligence cases.

The medical negligence lawyers at Murray Ralston Lawyers strive to obtain the compensation that will allow parents to obtain the best care and therapies for their injured child with a view to achieving the best lifelong physical, emotional, and cognitive outcome.

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