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Cerebral Palsy and Medical Negligence

Cerebral palsy arises from damage to the brain that happens during pregnancy or very early in the life of the baby. Cerebral palsy permanently impairs body movement or muscle coordination.

There are circumstances in which health care professionals including doctors, nurses, or midwives make negligent mistakes leading to trauma, low oxygen levels, or blood sugar issues. These mistakes lead to injury to the brain and can be the cause of the cerebral palsy suffered by your baby.

Some common medical mistakes that may cause cerebral palsy include:
  • Failing to monitor or misinterpretation of the fetal heart rate monitoring strips during labour
  • Excessive C-section delay
  • Failure to observe the presence of meconium
  • Error in the use of a vacuum extractor
  • Errors in the use of forceps
  • Error in the use of oxytocin
  • Failure to administer oxygen to the baby in accordance with accepted standards
Children suffering from cerebral palsy may require many therapies (including physical therapy, psychological treatment, speech pathology, occupational therapy, etc.) and a lifetime of medical support. The best medical care and therapies can cost millions of dollars over the lifetime of the child. The financial burden on families caring for a child with cerebral palsy can be devastating. The emotional burden on families is huge.

How Can Murray Ralston Lawyers Help?

The emotional toll on a family raising a child with cerebral palsy is never-ending. Financial compensation can reduce the financial burden on the parents of a child suffering from cerebral palsy. Financial compensation will ensure that there are financial resources for the lifetime of medical care your child will require and maximize the chances for the best possible outcome for your child. The personal injury lawyers at Murray Ralston Lawyers strive to obtain compensation that will allow parents to obtain the best care and therapies for their injured child with a view to achieving the best lifelong physical, emotional, and educational outcome.

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