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Motor Vehicle Insurance Benefits – 2018


All motor vehicle drivers living in Ontario are expected to purchase an Ontario automobile insurance policy. The standard policy will provide basic coverage for medical expenses and rehabilitation benefits.

In the standard policy, there are multiple levels of coverage for medical and rehabilitation benefits. If you are injured in a car accident the maximum amount you will be entitled to receive from your own insurer depends on the level of injury suffered.

The first level of coverage is set out in the “minor injury guideline”. It is referred to as the MIG. If your level of injury falls within the MIG you are entitled to a maximum of $3500 for medical and rehabilitation benefits. If you have suffered a sprain, strain, contusions, whiplash, abrasions, lacerations, or partial dislocation of a joint then you will be only entitled to receive benefits under the MIG.

The second level of coverage applies if your injuries fall outside those listed in the “minor injury guideline”. In that case, you are entitled to up to $65,000 in medical and rehabilitation benefits. This will apply if you have suffered a concussion, brain injury, or certain psychological injuries. Broken bones and complete tears in your muscles or tendons also fall into this category.

The third standard level of coverage entitles you to $1,000,000 in medical and rehabilitation benefits coverage. This is the catastrophic level of injury, which includes injuries such as spinal injuries (paraplegia or tetraplegia). It also includes injuries resulting in severe impairment of mobility or the use of an arm, amputation, loss of vision, or severe brain injury.

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