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Defamation Cases

Social media has blurred the line between protecting a reputation and voicing an opinion. If someone has written or broadcasted an opinion that damages your company’s reputation or your personal reputation, we can take quick action on your behalf. A lawsuit or injunction against the offender may minimize harm.

Defamation is any false communication that damages your reputation. Defamation can be oral (slander) or written (libel). Libel can, and often, includes online posts on social media, websites, or newspaper articles or recordings. Slander, which are oral statements, are often more difficult to prove if there is not a recording of the false statement.

Harmful defamatory statements have several defences. Therefore, not all harmful or false statements are able to be successfully prosecuted. Defences include truth, fair comment, absolute privilege and qualified privilege.

If someone has made a libellous statement against you ensure that you immediately save all relevant social media postings, articles, comments, emails and texts.

Coming to Your Defense

MRPC can assist you when libel damages your reputation. Frequently, the primary concern when defamation occurs is to remove or silence the libellous statement as quickly as possible. MRPC Law will work to have the libellous statement removed or have a correction issued as fast as possible. In other instances, it will be necessary to bring a court proceeding seeking monetary compensation for the harm to your reputation or financial losses due to the libel.

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