Newborn Holding Hands with MomShoulder dystocia can occur during delivery when there is obstructed labour. Specifically, shoulder dystocia can occur when, after the delivery of the head, the anterior shoulder of the baby cannot pass below (or requires significant manipulation to pass below) the pubic bone. It is a serious birth complication that requires doctors to quickly perform a series of manipulations to free the baby’s shoulder to allow passage into the birth canal.

If the baby is stuck for too long during delivery, he / she could suffer permanent brain damage or death. If delivery in this circumstance is not performed correctly or if it is delayed, then the baby can suffer nerve damage.

Shoulder dystocia can result in serious injury to the baby. If the baby is not delivered promptly the baby could suffer:

* brain damage

* clavical or humerus fractures

* damage to the nerves that innervate the arms (brachial plexus nerve injury)

A brachial plexus injury could cause:

* Erb’s palsy - a paralysis of the arm; or

* Klumpke palsy – hand deformities.

DoctorShoulder dystocia is an obstetric emergency and all appropriate guidelines, procedures and protocols should be strictly adhered to by physicians delivering the infant. Shoulder dystocia can occur as a result of medical negligence including a doctor’s failure to recognize shoulder dystocia during delivery, a failure to utilize proper shoulder dystocia maneuvers, application of excessive force during delivery, or a failure to perform a cesarean section when risk factors warrant it.

If your baby has suffered a brachial plexus injury or an injury arising from shoulder dystocia there may be a loss of muscle control of their arm or hand, full-arm paralysis, or difficulty crawling and sitting up. Treatment of this condition can be very costly. Raising a child with an injury arising from shoulder dystocia can exact both and emotional and financial toll on families.

How Can Murray Ralston Lawyers Help?

Raising a child with a shoulder dystocia injury can cause extreme financial burden. Financial compensation can minimize the financial burden on the parents of a baby suffering from a shoulder dystocia injury. Financial compensation will ensure that there are financial resources for the extensive medical care your child will require for his / her injury and maximize the chances for the best possible outcome for your child. The lawyers at Murray Ralston Lawyers strive to obtain compensation that will allow parents to obtain the best care and therapies for their injured child with a view to achieving the best lifelong physical, emotional, and cognitive outcome.


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