How broken is Ontario’s Auto Insurance System? Part 2

In 2016, the previous government brought in several harsh restrictions that hurt the most seriously injured auto accident victims.

How broken is Ontario’s Auto Insurance System? Part 1

You’ve heard of a $300 collision deductible… how about a secret $39,000 deductible? 

Changes to Accident Benefits since 2010

Owning a car is becoming more and more financially difficult for people in Ontario. This is largely, because of rising insurance premiums. Despite ever-rising premiums, coverage under car insurance policies continues to shrink.

Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits - 2018

There are multiple levels of coverage for medical and rehabilitation benefits in a standard auto mobile Insurance Policy. But do you know how much you are entitled to for your injuries?

Car and Bicycle Accidents

If you are a cyclist injured in a Car and Bicycle Accident you may still qualify for accident benefits even if you do not have insurance. Click here to learn more about what compensation you may be entitled to if you have been involved in a car and bicycle accident.

What are Accident Benefits?

These benefits are often referred to as “no-fault” benefits because you are entitled to receive these motor vehicle accident benefits whether you are at fault for the motor vehicle accident or not...

Statutory Accident Benefits Summary

This article illustrates the standard entitlements to accident benefits under an Ontario motor vehicle policy for accidents that have occurred after June 1, 2016.

Do I Qualify for Accident Benefits?

In Ontario, certain accident benefits must be provided under every motor vehicle insurance policy. Even if you were injured outside of Ontario, you may be able to apply for benefits. However, you do not automatically qualify...

Who can Claim Accident Benefits

In Ontario, if you are hurt (physically or psychologically) as a result of an accident involving the use or operation of an automobile, you may qualify for accident benefits. This means that if...

Can I Sue the other driver?

Many people believe that if you are injured in a car accident in a province or state that has no-fault insurance legislation, you are precluded from suing the other driver. This, however, is not true. Under most no-fault regimes...

No Car Insurance?

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario by the fault of another person, you usually would seek compensation from three sources...

Pedestrian and Car Accidents

Pedestrians who are hit by automobiles are usually entitled to the same legal rights to recover compensation from a negligent driver as a person who is injured in a typical car accident. Injured pedestrians are also entitled to...

Recent Changes to Accident Benefits

The government of Ontario is proposing changes to Ontario’s automobile insurance legislation yet again. Unfortunately, these changes do not benefit persons who will suffer injuries...

Accident Benefits Time Periods

You need to take specific steps within certain timelines in order to be entitled to receive accident benefits relating to your injuries...

What Damages can I get Compensation for?

Anyone injured in a car accident can sue the driver of the other car for...

Right to Sue Limitations

Learn what limitations apply to suing the other driver following a car accident...

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