Call A Lawyer! Your Last Resort or Your First

A construction project goes awry; on one hand, the homeowner refuses to pay another cent to the contractor because the project has soared past the original estimate. On the other, the contractor must get paid, and is in fact

Canadian Contractor Magazine, April 4, 2016

Long Term Disability Benefits

If your Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) benefits have been denied, you are likely under a lot of stress. It does not help that this area is plagued with contingencies and ambiguities that can, and often do, send claimants on a wild goose chase.

Non-Competition Agreement

A Non-Competition Agreement, is a restrictive covenant which places a restriction on individuals and organizations from providing services or engaging in businesses in certain markets and geographies for a period of time.

Product Liability

Consumers rely on hundreds of products each day … food products, health products, vehicles, electronic products, products for the home, leisure products, and many more. As consumers, we trust that the products will be safe for our use or consumption.

Latent Defects

What happens if you have purchased a house or a condominium that you later discover has defects? How does the law approach this issue and what are your legal options? There are certain things every purchaser should be aware of when making the decision to purchase a property, such as