Enforcing Support Payments

If you have a child support order or spousal support order made by a court in Ontario the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) will receive a copy of that order and support deduction order and enforce the amount owing under the support order. The FRO can also enforce

Is Your Specialist Really A Specialist?

Picture this…you have a mole on your chest -- a really big one. It bleeds. It’s irregular in shape. And it doesn’t look like your other moles. Boy, did it grow fast. Your family doctor tells you she’s sending you to a specialist to check it out. It’s likely nothing to worry about but

Remember the Insurance Policy

Recently the Ontario Court of Appeal decided that the proceeds from a deceased man’s life insurance policy would go to the ex-wife instead of the man’s wife at the time of his death (his second wife). The court made this decision despite...