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Success Stories

Murray Ralston Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Sllip and Fall LawyersMurray Ralston Lawyers, in Barrie and North Bay, has achieved tens of millions of dollars of settlements and court awards for our clients. We don’t post on our website or advertise the dollar values of settlements and awards we have achieved for our clients because:

Here’s what some of our Barrie and North Bay clients say about us:

“We really respect and trust that you have our best interest at heart. You have been awesome.” - A.C.

“I’m really happy. I didn’t think I would get this much.” - B.P.

“Thank you for … explaining the lawyer papers to me.” - R.B.

"Christine may I tell you how I appreciate your insight, guidance and interest in trying to make this right for me and my family. Words cannot express our gratitude."- S.C.

Our Commitment to Justice

You may have heard the term ‘catastrophic injury’. Catastrophic injury is a legal term defined in insurance legislation. Some law firms only accept catastrophically injured clients because they get paid large amounts of money pursuing catastrophic claims on the basis that they get paid a percentage of what you get. Whether a lawyer represents a catastrophically injured person or one who barely meets the threshold to sue, basically the same amount of work and commitment to the case is required - even though the legal fees can be hundreds of thousands of dollars apart.

Murray Ralston Criminal Lawyers in Barrie and North BayAt Murray Ralston Lawyers we will fight for your legal rights and maximum compensation whether you have a catastrophic injury as defined by the insurance legislation or any other type of injury. We believe that this is the only way that everyone can have equal access to justice. After all, isn’t the fallout of serious injuries that happen to you or your loved ones always catastrophic from your perspective?

Murray Ralston Lawyers isn’t a law factory that churns out hundreds of the same types of cases. We welcome challenging cases and have successfully prosecuted cases that other respected lawyers have turned down because they are too difficult, or risky, or aren’t worth enough in legal fees.

Murray Ralston Lawyers, in Barrie and North Bay, accepts many cases on a contingency basis to ensure disadvantaged clients are able to pursue strong personal injury cases. In addition, Murray Ralston Lawyers accepts legal aid for mental health (Consent and Capacity) cases.

At Murray Ralston Lawyers, we believe that everyone with a reasonable prospect of success should have access to justice and deserves to be represented by an experienced and caring legal team. That’s our commitment to you.

A Warning to You

Beware of law firms that take your case, only to soon refer your case to other lawyers. Those firms may never intend to prosecute your case on your behalf. In many instances those law firms are simply referring your case to another law firm and getting paid a large percentage or up-front referral fee. They are not necessarily protecting your own legal interests. Ask yourself…if there’s a big referral fee, am I paying too much?

Further, some referring law firms require that clients and / or the referee lawyer waive any conflicts and sometimes require that clients are sent to their list of “preferred” health care providers. This may not be in your best interest. Be assured, this is often only in the best interest of the referring lawyer.

How would you know if there is a referral fee? How would you know if a lawyer has been required to waive conflicts or only send you to certain health care providers? You should ask both the lawyer who is referring you and the lawyer who accepts the referral of your case to them.

Murray Ralston in Barrie and North Bay occasionally refers cases to other lawyers if another lawyer possesses a special knowledge that we do not possess, or are located in a different region, if that referral will benefit the client. Murray Ralston Lawyers accepts referrals from the Lawyer Referral Service of the Law Society of Upper Canada on the basis that there is no percentage or up-front referral fee for each case. We also accept referrals from other lawyers if it benefits the client. We respect only fair referral fees.

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Murray Ralston Lawyers maintains a Facebook and other popular social media pages and regularly posts items of interest to the general public. We invite you to be our friend and thank you for your interest.

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More Information About Murray Ralston Lawyers

Murray Ralston Personal Injury Law Firm in Barrie OntarioMurray Ralston Professional Corporation (operating as Murray Ralston Lawyers) was founded in Barrie, Ontario, in 1995 by Jay Ralston and Christine Murray. The law firm continues to operate out of its head offices in Barrie, Ontario but services clients throughout the province of Ontario. In 2014, Murray Ralston opened offices in North Bay, Ontario to be able to better service our clients in the Northern Ontario region.

The lawyers and support team at Murray Ralston Lawyers in Barrie and North Bay, are committed to providing the best possible legal services to its clients and has built a reputation of trust and success in law throughout Ontario.

Our litigation teams (personal injury and general litigation) are tough and effective. A senior lawyer manages each and every file, not law clerks or students. So, you can be assured personal attention from a senior lawyer with the experience your case deserves.

Our commercial litigation team takes time to understand our clients’ business needs, financial goals, and litigation objectives and takes pride in their ability to devise legal strategies that often exceed expectations.

Our personal injury team understands the physical, financial, emotional, social, and educational challenges that injured people face after suffering an injury. Our lawyers and support teams work tirelessly to get injured clients the maximum compensation they deserve and need. Murray Ralston Lawyers, Barrie and North Bay, provides quality legal representation to people injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. We ensure that your case is handled quickly and effectively. We strive to get you the settlement you deserve. If you feel you have been injured as a result of another person’s wrong doing, please contact us for a free consultation at either our Barrie or North Bay location.

The team at Murray Ralston Lawyers prides themselves in their involvement in community events around the Barrie and North Bay areas.

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